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Internal Family Systems Therapy Westbury New York

Dealing with Harsh Criticism


We all know what it’s like to be criticized. When we're children we have no defense against it. When we're adults we can do something about it. Listen to this program, by Dr. Duffy Spencer, and learn what you can do to deal with harsh criticism.

Gestalt Therapy Westbury New York

How to Win as a Couple and Be Lovers for Life


This program offers an honest look into what it really takes to win as a couple. Learn how to get through the “power struggle” stage to the “us” stage…and be lovers for life.

No More Toxic Relationships!


Whether you have a toxic relationship with people or “things” (food, alcohol, clutter)…or even with yourself, this program will show you how to detach from relationships the damage you.  If you have people or things in your life that hurt you, learn how you were set up for unhealthy relationships…and what you can do to free yourself for a happy, joyous life.

Imago Therapy Westbury New York

The 3 Basic R’s of Self-Esteem Building


There are very few basic primers on how to achieve self-esteem.  Dr. Duffy Spencer fills this gap.  High self-esteem can be achieved in adult life.  You can learn to feel good about yourself.  The 3 Basic R’s are easily doable and provide a clear path to the goal of (finally!) loving yourself.

Positive Change Management

Growing Yourself Young: The Fine Art of Self-Renewal 


What makes some people young at any age? And yet some people old before their time? Growing yourself young is much more than buying expensive creams and teeny bopper clothes. It’s about re-claiming your authentic self… the self you were meant to be. Healthy adults naturally have “childlike” qualities of playfulness, lightness, exuberance, and an ability  to live in the present moment. These qualities are yours for the asking through following Dr. Duffy’s three-pronged approach to rejuvenation. Join her as she unravels the mystery of achieving youthfulness at any age

Individual Therapy Westbury ma

How to Reinvent Your Life:

Parts 1 & 2


Would you like to have a better happier life, but don't quite know how? Would you like to get rid of old thoughts and behaviors that are getting in your way? Would you like to add new and wonderful things? It’s not too late to re-invent your life. Listen and learn how to take positive action to make your life your own!

Self Esteem Building Westbury New York

How to Get Rid of Emotional Clutter


Emotional clutter is anything that goes on between our ears (beliefs, thoughts, perceptions) that is toxic and useless. Emotional clutter from the past keeps us from living in the present. It is the hardest kind of clutter to get rid of. Learn how!

Psychotherapist Westbury New York

The Disease to Please: Overcoming Approval Addiction


Do I jump through hoops to please people?  What do I believe happens when someone doesn’t approve of me?  To what length will I go to win someone’s approval?  How can I get out of the people-pleasing trap?

Family Therapy Westbury New York

Dealing with Difficult People…Including Yourself!


Difficult people are everywhere in our society. We may even be living with one. To make matters worse, we may be living inside one….ourselves!  What does it mean to be a difficult person and…how do difficult people get that way? Learn about the four personal styles and the four types of relationships to determine strategies to help you deal with those difficult people in your life.

Couples Therapy Westbury New York

DeCluttering Resentments: The Magic of Forgiveness


Resentments, as a particular type of emotional clutter, are very toxic.  When we clutter our minds with ancient resentments, we wind up hurting ourselves. Emotional clutter from the past keeps us from living in the present. It is the hardest kind of clutter to get rid of. Who is it important for us to forgive... including ourselves?  How can we learn to give ourselves what we needed and didn’t receive? Listen to this unique presentation by Dr. Duffy and learn how!

Relationship Advice Westbury New York

Why Love Fails…and How We Can Make it Succeed!


We fall in love and we think, finally…I found the answer to my dreams!  We’re in the Honeymoon stage of our relationship. That only lasts until we move into the Power Struggle Stage.  We then find that the very reasons we chose that person are the reasons that now bug us Many people stat stuck in that stage. What do we do?  We can progress into the last stage: Real Love. Find out how you can restore your intimate relationship into the real loving one it was meant to be.

Your Anger and What to Do With It


Anger is a universal emotion.  It's what we do with it that counts.  Is there such a thing as healthy anger?  When is anger healthy or unhealthy?  What can you do with your anger? Wish it away? Swallow it? Express it?  If so, how? Learn the three components of all anger to help you determine how to best handle your own. Dr. Duffy answers your most important questions about this essential topic.

Individual Therapy Westbury New York

DeClutter Your Stuff; DeClutter Your Life!


Are you a clutterholic? Are you overwhelmed by too much junk? Do you keep "things" in comfort...and then become uncomfortable with your piles of clutter? Is "stuff" getting in your way of being the person you want to be...and having the life you want? Whether it's physical clutter or emotional clutter, this presentation will cover the reasons why we clutter and the emotional process of letting go.

Social Psychologist Westbury new York

S.P.I.C.E., The Essential Ingredients for Effective Living


SPICE Up Your Life offers an entertaining and motivational overview of the five essential ingredients for effective living: Self-Esteem, Power, Identity, Courage, and Energy.

Public Speaking Specialist

Leadership Strategists: An Anthology


"To Overpower or Empower:  The Male-Female Angle"  by Duffy Spencer PhD. and fourteen other chapters on leadership such as "The Common Principles of Uncommon Leaders", "Self Leadership" and "Self-Esteem:  Cornerstone of an Effective Leadership Strategy".

Workplace Therapy Westbury New York
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